Lactic Acid Cleanser

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A soft, lactic-based cleansing cream for daily use. 



A soft, lactic-based cleansing cream for daily use. Revitalizes and removes dead corpuscles (light peeling effect) The skin, which is filled with plant extracts, will look more vivid with every application.Can be used in conjunction with other peeling treatments under an anti-aging program.Ideal for those who do not tolerate glycolic acid can not be comedogenic, does not peel and free of fragrances

Product Description : An excellent cleaning cream based on lactic acid and herbs, which also revitalises the skin in addition to its peeling effect. daily use herbal based milk cleansing cream, while revitalizing peeling. Infused with plant extracts, your skin becomes more vivid with any application, such as alpha-hydroxy looking acids softening skin cells and reducing cellulite build-up. Good for use with other exfoliating treatments or as part of an anti-aging program. This formulation is odorless.


  • Ideal for highly irritated, hypersensible skin, which tends to develop an overgrowth (Hyperkeratinization J.
  • Lactic acid is not an irritant cleanser
  • Red Clover is a soothing anti-oxidant.
  • Burdock root is antibacterial.
  • Dandelion root helps in correcting pH balance of the skin and provides astringent benefits.