Ferulac Peels Booster System


Photoaging, melasma and sunspots.



First patented liposomed peel system where the main active ingredient is the ferulic acid. Indicated for all signs of photoaging.

Properties of ferulic acid

The antioxidant action of ferulic acid protects the skin from the aggressions caused by free radicals. Ferulic acid inhibits and neutralizes the action of free radicals and enhances the effects of vitamins C and E. It protects the skin from UVB and UVA radiation, helping minimize the damage caused by the sun and protecting cellular DNA.

Controls tyrosinase activity, preventing and lightening unwanted pigmentations. It also has a pro-apoptotic effect on cancer cells.

Properties of phloretin

Phloretin promotes the penetration of the rest of the ingredients by adsorbing to lipid surfaces and altering the dipole potential of lipid bilayers. It inhibits the activity of elastase, enzyme in charge of the degradation of elastic fibers. It also has antioxidant properties.