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Target Nanopeel Post-Treatment Kit

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Homecare products that the patient will need after treatment with Target nanopeel to enhance results and continue with the skin depigmenting process


· Sensyses cleanser lightening. Liposomal solution that not only cleanses, soothes and repairs skin that is more sensitive but prevents the appearance of pigmentations. 100 ml. · Hidraderm Hyal moisturizing cream. Moisturising and repairing cream for daily use with three types of free and liposomed hyaluronic acid. Moisturises and smoothes instantly. 30 ml. · Target liposomal. Liposomal serum that acts directly on the dark spots, lightening them and evening skin tone. 30 ml. · Target cream. Cream for focal use that speeds up cell turnover and lightens dark spots, homogenizing skin color. 15 ml.